AIRE-O2 Triton® 2.0

      New innovations in mechanical designs allow the Aire-O2 Triton® 2.0 (patents pending) to provide better aeration efficiency, mixing capacity, and power consumption savings, as well as more seamless and flexible installation, operation, and maintenance. By improving the design and performing rigorous testing, Aeration Industries decreased Triton’s energy consumption by 50% for its flagship model.

      Why Choose the new Aire-O2 Triton® 2.0?

      1. Increased mixing capacity
      2. Significant aeration capacity increase
      3. Power consumption substantially decreased
      4. Stronger, easier shaft assembly

      The Aire-O2® Mixer 2.0 ensures simple, nearly maintenance-free operation with above surface float or fixed mounting options. The variable angle mixer performs in corrosive environments with no gearbox and low power consumption in aeration tanks, oxidation ovals, digesters, lagoons, anoxic basins, and chemical mix tanks.

      The Aire-O2 Mixer Features

      1. All components are accessible from the surface
      2. Variable mounting angle offers flexibility
      3. Mixing without floc shear
      4. Designed to prevent short circuiting
      5. Fast and simply retrofit to existing basin
      6. Low speed (900 rpm/60Hz-750 rpm/50Hz) operation ensures improved mixing, quiet operation, and durability
      7. Made of high-grade materials for corrosive environments
      8. Large anti-fouling propeller
      9. Up to 3 Year Warranty, depending on application

      Aeration Industries International

      In 1974 Aeration Industries International was founded with the dream of creating a planet complete with sustainable, clean water. Since its founding, Aeration Industries has developed and applied aspirator aeration and other advanced technology solutions in a variety of ways to help achieve and maintain clean, safe water supplies.

      Headquartered in the Midwest and proud to call suburban Minneapolis our home, Aeration Industries International maintains offices and a manufacturing plant that houses a state of the art 100,000 gallon research and development test pool facility.

      The largest users of the technologies are industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. The technologies are also used for water quality management and to increase yields in aquaculture. We’re very excited that our clean water technology is also becoming increasingly popular for use on golf courses and commercial ponds, lakes, rivers and harbor restorations.

      Thousands of installations use our wastewater products in all 50 U.S. states and more than 110 countries around the world. More than 72,000 of our aerators are installed at these sites.

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