Biological Filler Deodorization Process


      In the 1950s, first in Europe and the United States, the application of biological deodorization treatment technology has been fully developed. The biological deodorization process originated is a kind of imitation of the principle of natural purification. The deodorization raw materials used in the process are completely taken from the original ecological natural substances. It is known as a green environmental protection process for controlling odor gas pollution in the world. It is considered to be the most environmentally friendly, low investment and operation cost, high deodorization efficiency and no secondary pollution in all deodorization processes.

      The biological deodorization process is a biological adsorption and biodegradation process. When the toxic, harmful and malodorous exhaust gas containing a mixture of gas, liquid and solid enters the biological deodorization system through the collection pipeline, the biofilm formed by the high-efficiency microbial strains growing on the biological filler is cultivated to adsorb, purify and degrade the pollutants in the exhaust gas. The microorganisms in the biological deodorization process rely on the pollutants in the exhaust gas as nutrients and organic matter in the biological filler to maintain growth and reproduction, on the other hand, the toxic and harmful odoriferous substances in the exhaust gas will be decomposed and degraded into non-toxic and harmless CO2, H2O, H2SO4, HNO3 and other simple inorganic substances, so as to achieve the purpose of deodorization.


      The odor of each closed deodorization monomer of the deodorization system enters the biological deodorization system through the air duct. The lower layer of the biological deodorization system is the gas distribution space, the middle is the biological filler layer, and the upper layer is the gas collection space, which is also the water sprinkling space. The odor gas passes through the biological deodorizing filter, in which the odor gas components are captured by the filler and adsorbed and decomposed by the microorganisms growing on the filler, and finally become stable inorganic substances, except carbon dioxide, other metabolic substances are discharged in the liquid phase and discharged from the deodorizing system with the spraying water.

      In order to ensure that the microorganisms are always in an optimal growth environment, water should be sprayed intermittently into the tower. The spraying can be done with tap water or with treated sewage or medium water. The microbial metabolites washed down are discharged into the circulating water pool with the spray water. When the spray water circulation frequency reaches the preset value, the automatic control system will automatically replace the spray water, and the wastewater will return all the sewage pipe network in the factory to the intake pump room.

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