Polychem Chain & Flight Scraper Systems

      Brentwood has vast experience with sludge collector systems for rectangular clarifiers and is involved in every stage of the process from preliminary design to commissioning. Polychem chain and flight collectors are comprised of the finest quality components available in today’s market and with the exception of hardware, all submerged equipment is non-metallic. Reliably constructed and economically designed, these products function efficiently as part of any rectangular clarifier system.

      Polychem non-metallic chain was introduced in the late 1970s as an alternative to heavy, corrosion-prone chains traditionally used in chain and flight systems. Durably designed to withstand harsh, corrosive environments, Brentwood’s non-metallic components provide a strong, lightweight alternative to cast iron and steel systems. Our chains are regularly tested for ultimate strength, proof loading, elongation, and estimated wear life to uphold Brentwood’s high quality standards.


      Product Characteristics

      1. Suitable for rectangular primary clarifier, secondary clarifier, air flotation sedimentation tank, space saving
      2. Can be used for clarifiers installed underground
      3. Precision molded from glass-reinforced polyester, this non-metallic collector chain and most parts are designed to withstand high sludge loadings in corrosive environments.
      4. Constructed from specially formulated material to withstand high sludge loadings with no paint, rust, corrosion, lightweight, UV resistant
      5. Low power consumption required
      6. Dot not corrode or rust like metal shafting. Intended for use with Polychem idler sprockets, the slide-on design makes installation quick and easy.
      7. The SmartGuard® Collector Monitoring System identifies flight misalignment and sprocket motion loss to prevent system damage.


      Introduction of Manufacturers

      Polychem is the largest nonmetallic scraper system manufacturer in the world. Polychem has over 21,000 scraper systems and more than 10 million feet of collector chain in operation for various water and wastewater treatment applications. One of its applications holds the world record of 12m wide and 90m long construction site. Shanghai BaiLongGang, Zhuyuan, and other famous waste water treatment plants use Polychem scraper systems, which are widely known for its reliability and performance


      Upgrading Project of Sewage Treatment Plant in Cixi, Zhejiang Province

      Project Scale:100,000 t/d
      Type:Municipal Wastewater
      Quantity:4-Shaft Collector*4,Cross Collector*2

      Chengdu Universiade Area Ecological Environment Protection-Water Pollution Control Infrastructure Projects

      Project Scale:160,000 t/d
      Type:Municipal Wastewater
      Quantity:4-Shaft Collector*9

      Reconstruction Project of Sewage Treatment Plant in Shanghai

      Project Scale:1100,000 t/d
      Type:Municipal Wastewater
      Quantity:4-Shaft Collector*30

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