Hanwha Air Suspension Blower

      HB series is a high efficiency and environmentally friendly variable frequency blower with air suspension bearing. The original machine imported, producing 100 % oil-free compressed air. It is very energy-saving, stable and reliable operation, low noise. The high performance and excellent quality of the whole machine will bring huge benefits to users.

      Product Performance

      1. The impeller adopts the impeller and diffuser with the best aerodynamic design to ensure high efficiency. The high strength aluminum alloy ( A7075 ) and hard anodic oxidation coating are used to ensure the rust resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
      2. Air suspension bearing : The air pressure is formed when the bearing rotates at high speed, so as to play the same lubricating effect as oil. It is an environmentally friendly bearing, which uses heat-resistant alloy material and does not contact when it rotates at high speed. Therefore, the air foil bearing can reach a semi-permanent service life.
      3. High speed permanent magnet motor : high efficiency of more than 95 %, direct connection between impeller and motor, so as to minimize mechanical loss, improve durability and reliability by optimizing heat dissipation design
      4. Best two-stage air cooling system : stage 1 cooling : motor external cooling; stage 2 cooling: air foil bearing, motor winding and stator, no additional cooling device ( e.g. external fan ).

      Product Characteristics


      Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

      • With the fan’ s excellent performance and wide adjustable range ( 45 % -100 % ), the operating power cost is reduced ;
      • Minimize operating and maintenance costs by using semi-permanent life components ;
      • The design concept of ready-to-use, installation costs are extremely low.

      High Reliability & Easy Maintenance

      • Hanwha strict quality management system to ensure stability and durability ;
      • Use simple internal structure and separable shell design to achieve easy maintenance purposes.

      100%Oil less Eco Blower

      • To become an environmentally friendly product completely free of oil by using air foil bearings ;
      • Low noise ( 75-85dB ( A ) ), low vibration.


      Introduction of Manufacturers

      Hanwha Group is the world’ s top 500 enterprises selected by Fortune magazine. It has 64 years of business experience and has set offices in more than 100 countries all over the world.

      Hanwha was founded in 1952 and has a history of 64 years. It has a wide range of business including three business sectors : manufacturing and construction, finance, services and leisure. In 2015, its total assets has reached $ 155 billion, and total sales has come to $ 56 billion.

      Hanwha is a world-class manufacturer of rotating machinery and the inventor of air suspension bearing technology. In the past few decades, it has provided more than 4200 sets of rotating machinery equipment. More than 1000 world leading enterprises have selected Hanwha’s rotating machinery equipment. It has 188 product engineers, 28 quality management engineers and 31 service engineers. It is the first company to commercialize air suspension bearing technology in the compressor industry, and there are 49 service outlets in the world and 9 in China. Our company is the exclusive agent of Hanwha in China and has an after-sales service team certified by Hanwha factory.


      Sewage Treatment Plant in Binzhou, Shandong Province

      Project Scale:30,000 t/d
      Type:Industry Wastewater

      Sewage Treatment Plant in Baoding, Hebei Province

      Project Scale:70,000 t/d
      Type:Municipal Wastewate
      Quantity:HB200-04T*3(East Factory),HB150-04*3(West Factory)

      Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

      Project Scale:35,000 t/d
      Type:Textiles and Dyeing Waterwaste

      Before Retrofit: 2 Multistage Centrifugal Fans D75-7
      Single Air Volume: 75 M3/MIN@65 KPA
      Maximum Wind Pressure: 65 KPA
      Single Maximum Power: 132 Kw
      Single Consumption Current: 163 A
      Total Actual Power Consumption: 162 KWH

      After Retrofit:  2 Hanwha Air Suspension Blower HB125-08
      Single Air Volume: 70 M3/MIN@ 80 KPA
      Maximum Wind Pressure: 80 KPA
      Single Maximum Power: 125 KW
      Single Consumption Current: 122 A
      Total Actual Power Consumption: 122 KWH
      Saving Electricity Ratio: 24.6%
      Power Cost Saving: 268800

      Sewage Treatment Plant in Dezhou, Shandong Province

      Project Scale:70,000 t/d
      Type:Textiles and Dyeing Wastewater
      Quantity: HB200-08*6

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