General Dosing System

      The general dosing system is based on the metering pump as the main dosing equipment, the dissolution tank, stirrer, manual ball valve, check valve, Y-type filter, safety valve, back pressure valve, pulse damper, flow meter, inlet and outlet piping system, dosing device frame, electric control system, etc. are assembled on a public platform according to the process needs, forming a module, that is, the so-called skid-mounted combined unit, according to the need to put a quantitative amount of pharmaceuticals into the stirring half solution tank for stirring and dissolving, and then sent to the dosing point through the metering pump after dissolving, the size of the dosing amount can be freely adjusted to meet the different dosing amount of places.

      Product Characteristics

      1. Precise and stable dosage, wide application range
      2. Easy to operate, easy to manage, low failure rate
      3. The dosage is easy to adjust. All equipment, pipes and valves of the dosing device are centrally installed on the dosing frame, which has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint and easy transportation and installation;
      4. The main equipment can choose diaphragm metering pump|plunger metering pump, pump overflow part can choose different pump head material according to different media, generally have PVC, PVDF, and stainless steel 304, can meet the requirements of strong acid and alkali media;
      5. The dosing inlet is equipped with a Y-strainer made of PVC or stainless steel 304, which ensures the cleanliness of the dosing pump inlet media and also improves the reliability of operation and extends the service life of the equipment;
      6. Manual/automatic control, automatic control of dosing according to the turbidity of water quality, treatment water volume and other external information, thus achieving cost savings and efficient treatment

      Integrated PAM Automatic Preparation & Dosing Device

      The unit is a fully automatic continuous dry powder and liquid polymer dosing and dissolving unit. The dissolution concentration can be configured to 0.1% to 0.5% of the preparation solution according to demand, which can then be diluted by a post-dilution system or dosed directly to the dosing point by a dosing screw pump. The system consists of a tank, a dry feeder with vibrator and level probe, a mixer with preparation, maturation and dosing chambers, an operating water unit, an injection mixer for the dry polymer, a minimum/maximum water level probe and a local control system with programmable logic controller.

      Product Characteristics

      1. Three chambers in one, divided into three chambers for preparation, maturation and storage, each with observation holes and each chamber stirrer working independently, allowing continuous or sequential batch preparation of electrolyte solutions.
      2. Easy to operate and maintain, relatively low labour costs
      3. Available in PPH, similar in strength to stainless steel and better in corrosion resistance than stainless steel
      4. The PAM preparation system is an all-in-one assembly system, except for the power connection and water supply line which need to be provided and connected by the customer, no other connection is required.
      5. The control system provides fully automatic control of the entire PAM preparation and dosing system, controlling the start and stop of the system, supporting on-site manual and automatic control, remote start and stop, etc. Equipped with a 7″ true colour touch screen man-machine interface, the operation is simple and intuitive, and the running status is displayed graphically.
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