In wastewater treatment plants, one of the most common processes is the activated sludge method, which biologically treats the wastewater through the use of large aeration basins. Typical Wastewater Treatment Plant tiny micro-organisms in the aeration basins decompose biologically degradable organics in the wastewater. This process requires the pumping of compressed tiny air bubbles into the aeration basins where a diffuser system ensures the air is distributed evenly for optimum treatment.


      1. high energy savings when compared with comparative, market standard EPDM and silicone diffusors due to the much lower pressure loss
      2. extremely long lifetime and no curing due to the membrane not including a plasticizer
      3. very wide operating range: normal operation: 3-8, minimum 1, maximum 15 and purging operation 18 Nm³/(h*maer.)
      4. comparatively high oxygen input and oxygen transfer efficiency even with low density systems
      5. very fine and uniform bubble formation due to an optimized perforation
      6. easily and quickly fitted
      7. extremely tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant (mechanical strength around 2.5-4 times that of most of the EPDM and silicone materials)
      8. very good resistance to waste water and municipal sewerage in accordance with the latest instructions DWA-M 115
      9. microbe and hydrolysis resistant
      10. good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals
      11. conforms to RoHS guideline

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      Today, NORRES is a global player and leading manufacturer of technical hoses and hose systems: Highly abrasion proof Pre-PUR® polyurethane hoses, suction and transport hoses from PVC, TPE, PE, EVA, silicone etc., high temperature hoses up to 1,100 °C, electrically conductive and antistatic hoses, connecting elements and accessories, many certified products (e.g. ATEX Directive, EU Directives, FDA compliance, UL approvals and numerous others, customised solutions.

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      Aeration Equipment of Sewage Treatment Plant in Binzhou, Shandong Province(Convenient Lifting Aeration System)

      Project Scale:30,000 t/d
      Type:Industrial Wastewater
      Length of Aeration Tubes:2784 m

      Aeration Equipment of Sewage Treatment Plant in Baoding, Hebei Province

      Project Scale:20,000 t/d
      Type:Municipal Wastewater
      Length of Aeration Tubes:1088 m

      Upgrading Project of Sewage Treatment Plant in Weifang, Shandong Province(Fixed Bottom Aeration System)

      Project Scale:60,000 t/d
      Type:Industry and Municipal Wastewater
      Length of Aeration Tubes:2080 m

      Aeration Equipment of Industrial Park Wastewater Treatment Plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province(Suspension Chain Lifting Aeration System)

      Project Scale:35,000 t/d
      Type:Textiles and Dyeing Wastewater
      Length of Aeration Tubes:4080 m

      Reconstruction Project of Aeration System in Sewage Treatment Plant in Tianchang, Anhui Province(Frame Lifting Aeration System)

      Project Scale:100,000 t/d
      Type:Municipal Wastewater
      Length of Aeration Tubes:555 m

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