Liftable Aeration Systems

      The convenient lifting aeration scheme has the characteristics of short construction period, low construction difficulty and no fire operation on site. The main and branch pipes on the pool surface are connected by flanges in sections, and the droop branch pipe is connected with the branch pipe through the nut of the removable flange. As long as the size of the pool and the positioning of the air duct are verified on site, the welding of each air distribution branch pipe is prefabricated in the factory, and the vertical branch pipe and the upper flange bolt are assembled after the pool is installed. At the scene only need to tighten the flange, nut, good expansion bolt fixed bracket, can not need large lifting equipment.

      Process Characteristics

      Integral Lifting Suspension Chain Convenient Lifting
      Construction Difficulty High Low Low
      Construction Time Long (Partial On-site job) Middle (Off-site Production) Short (Off-site Production)
      Lifting Tool Crane 4 Persons/Group/Boat 1 Person/Boat
      Maintenance Difficulty High Normal Low

      Process Effect


      Aeration Equipment of Sewage Treatment Plant in Binzhou, Shandong Province(Convenient Lifting Aeration System)

      Project Scale:30,000 t/d
      Type:Industrial Wastewater
      Length of Aeration Tubes:2784 m

      Aeration Equipment of Industrial Park Wastewater Treatment Plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province(Suspension Chain Lifting Aeration System)

      Project Scale:35,000 t/d
      Type:Textiles and Dyeing Wastewater
      Length of Aeration Tubes:4080 m

      Reconstruction Project of Aeration System in Sewage Treatment Plant in Tianchang, Anhui Province(Frame Lifting Aeration System)

      Project Scale:100,000 t/d
      Type:Municipal Wastewater
      Length of Aeration Tubes:555 m

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