SUEZ Ultrafiltration / Reverse Osmosis Membrane

      SUEZ-WTS ZeeWeed Ultrafiltration is an outside-in, PVDF made hollow-fiber membrane with 0.02-0.04 μm pore size to provide high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. GE provides ZeeWeed® 500,ZeeWeed® 1000 and ZeeWeed® 1500 for different applications.

      The ZeeWeed consistently offers high-quality effluent, greater output in smaller footprint, low power consumption, reliability, convenient expansion and easy operation. The technology has been widely used for drinking water treatment, recovery of municipal and industrial wastewater, and pre-treatment for brackish water and seawater

      ZeeWeed* 500
      delivers real value through its unmatched strength and longevity in every imaginable plant flow size. Highest solids tolerance of any hollow-fiber membrane

      ZeeWeed* 1000
      uses a unique design to provide a low cost UF option with standard building blocks to fit any tank size while providing the smallest UF footprint
      Suitable for large drinking water plants for lake water, groundwater and settled water.
      Filtration of secondary clarified domestic wastewater.

      ZeeWeed* 1500
      can be easily configured as a SUEZ packaged plant for quick delivery and installation or, as a custom solution, engineered to specification

      Reverse Osmosis Membrane:

      SUEZ, the first inventor of 3-layer RO membrane design, combines polyamide semi permeable layer well below 1 µm laid over a substrate which will often be a polysulphone ultrafiltration membrane and Suez patented thin membrane. The unique 3-layer design provides higher mechanical strength and chemical resistance than regular 2-layer membrane. Its smooth, fouling-resistant membrane surface reduces the binding sites of potential membrane foulants whilst creating a more neutral membrane surface to reduce interaction with charged ions
      These membrane families are also used in a variety of specialty series of membranes described below :

      ZeeWeed(500、1000) Characteristics of submerged ultrafiltration membrane

      The ZeeWeed 500 ultrafiltration, hollow fiber, reinforced membrane provides customers with high-performance, energy efficiency, and proven membrane life. The ZeeWeed 500 membrane family gives customers the flexibility to treat any flow rate, from ultra-low flows to mega MBR plants

      With the world’s largest hollow fiber membrane factory, get product when and where you need it.

      ZeeWeed® 1500 Benefits

      ZeeWeed 1500 is an outside-in feed, hollow-fiber, ultrafiltration membrane. Our proprietary PVDF membrane is strong, fouling-resistant and easy to clean. ZW1500 will consistently deliver the highest quality effluent water.

      Key Product Features:
      High solids tolerance: hollow-fibre outside-in feed membrane is ideal for treating waters with high solid concentrations.
      Resilient: handles feed water turbidity spikes, variations in water quality and coagulant use.
      Versatile: ability to retrofit other ultrafiltration and microfiltration systems.
      An extremely versatile product, the ZW1500 membrane is ready for a huge variety of source waters and applications. Contact us for more information on how ZW1500 can help you achieve high quality water in a compact footprint.
      Performance: True Ultrafiltration with 0.02-micron pore size for high reject of turbidity, colloidal material and suspended solids (TSS), bacteria and, virus. Achieve SDI < 3 for RO pre-treatment.
      Efficient: Operate at high recovery rates > 95% for water conservation and cost savings.
      Easy to Clean: fouling-resistant PVDF membrane with high resistance to oxidants (eg. Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine).
      Simple: Victaulic groove clamp connections for simple installation. 1.9m tall and 180mm diameter module is easy to handle and install.
      Reliable: Meet or exceed drinking water and re-use water regulatory requirements.
      Approved globally for drinking water applications.

      SUEZ-WTS RO Membrane Characteristics

      1. SUEZ-WTS is one of the three pioneers of RO membrane. It has a long history and rich application experience in the research and manufacture of PA composite membrane.
      2. SUEZ-WTS RO has very good anti-pollution. It is a very excellent product developed based on the theory of light cleanliness, hydrophilicity and low charge comprehensive anti-pollution. Application data show that SUEZ-WTS RO has great advantages in anti-pollution.
      3. SUEZ-WTS RO membrane has excellent oxidation resistance. reaching the same level as DOW’s.
      4. SUEZ-WTS RO membrane has very good chemical cleaning resistance. This is due to our RO membrane non-chlorination treatment technology.
      5. SUEZ-WTS RO membrane has very high structural strength, which is due to the automatic production of roll film technology. FRP shell and membrane roll casting into one, the structural strength is greatly improved to reach the highest level of the market ( internal data show that 30 % higher than Dow ).
      6. SUEZ-WTS RO membrane has perfect after-sales service. Expert teams have more than 15-20 years of membrane application experience. From the design and use point of view, there are a lot of mature application experience to share with customers.

      Company Background

      Almost 160 years after the opening of the Suez Canal, a conquering spirit continues to motivate SUEZ employees to preserve the essential elements of our environment, water, soil and air. SUEZ supplies drinking water to 92 million people, delivers wastewater treatment services to 65 million, collects waste produced by 50 million, recovers 14 million tonnes of waste yearly and produces 5,138 GWh of local and renewable energy. With 80,990 employees, SUEZ, which is present worldwide, is a key player in the sustainable management of resources.

      Suez finalized on September 29, 2017, the acquisition of GE water and Process Technologies. At the same time, Suez created a Water Technologies & Solutions (WTS) business unit that includes former GE Water entities and Suez entities specializing in industrial water. The strategic objective of this important Suez US acquisition is to be a major plyer in industrial water services that covers the entire value chain; it enables the group to increases its international presence and innovation capacities.

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