Mechanical and Electrical Engineer 3 People


1、Designing products and product supporting systems;
2、Producing, processing and testing products and product supporting systems;
3、Providing on-site technical services such as on-site installation guidance, commissioning, running, trial operation and technical training of products and product supporting systems;
4、Providing products’ after-sales service;
5、Preparing electromechanical technical documents (installation, operation, using, maintenance manuals, etc.).


1、Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical, mechanical or automation;
2、Familiar with CAD, Office, Solidworks, PROTEL, EPLAN and other software;
3、Professional title or electrical, automation or mechanical certificate is preferred;
4、Relevant working experience is preferred;
5、Meticulous and rigorous personality and having research spirit
6、Strong professional communication and expression skills, good sense of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility, certain pressure resistance and ability to solve problems independently;
Being adapt to frequent business trip.

Working Location:Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

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