Process Engineer 5 People


1、Formulating preliminary design scheme and providing technical support for business;
2、Collecting basic data of preliminary design, external design liaison, reporting designs, scheme report, etc;
3、Being responsible for the process scheme and construction drawing design, and completing the process design, engineering scheme, technical tender and equipment selection;
4、Formulating equipment technical specification documents and prepare procurement list according to the design data;
5、Carrying out technical disclosure to engineers and solving technical problems in the construction process;
6、Guiding the on-site commissioning of the project and solving the technical problems in the commissioning process;
7、Preparing operating manual and cooperating with other units for technical support;
8、Designing the experimental scheme according to the site conditions, analyzing the experimental results and giving the suitable guidance for the project.


1、Bachelor degree or above, major in water supply and drainage or environmental engineering;
2、Familiar with CAD and Office software; Familiar with environmental protection related design standards and specifications;
3、Professional title or registered environmental engineer qualification certificate is preferred;
4、Relevant working experience is preferred;
5、Meticulous and rigorous personality and having research spirit;
6、Strong professional communication and expression skills, good sense of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility, certain pressure resistance and ability to solve problems independently;
7、Being adapt to frequent business trip.

Working Location:Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

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