Project Management Engineer 3 People


1、Reviewing construction drawings;
2、Preparing construction organization design;
3、Preparing budget and final accounts;
4、Being responsible for on-site construction management, including personnel arrangement, machinery allocation, material overall planning, safety management, quality management, progress control, etc;
5、Coordinating the relationship with the owner, designers, material suppliers and other units to ensure the implementation of the project;
6、Preparing and declaring the construction data;
7、Organizing project acceptance;
8、Compiling the supplied system’s operation and maintenance manual;
9、Being responsible for after-sales service at the project site.


1、Bachelor degree or above, major in water supply and drainage engineering, environmental engineering, project management and other related majors;
2、Familiar with CAD, Office, budget and final accounts and other software; Familiar with relevant construction and acceptance standards and specifications of environmental protection industry;
3、Professional title, registered environmental engineer or project management qualification certificate is preferred;
4、Relevant working experience is preferred;
5、Meticulous and rigorous personality, having research spirit and being good at improvisation;
6、Strong professional communication and expression skills, good sense of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility, certain pressure resistance and coordination ability;
7、Being adapt to frequent and long business trip.

Working Location:Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

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