Shaoxing Shangyu Xinli Chemical Industry

Shaoxing Shangyu Xinli Chemical Industry is committed to the development and manufacture of high-performance organic pigment products that meet environmental protection and physicochemical standards. The product line includes five series which are mainly organic pigments and supplemented by pigment intermediates. Including benzimidazolone series, chromophores series, azo series, phthalocyanine series, pigment intermediates series.

The wastewater discharged from the production department has high COD, ammonia nitrogen, and total nitrogen. Base on the characteristics of the wastewater and the previous engineering experience, the SiNAD nitrogen release short-cut nitrification and denitrification process is selected. The design and operation data are as follows :

No. Items Influent Index Effluent Index Actual Operating Value Average Data in May Unit
Influent Effluent
1 Water Quantity <600 680 t/d
2 CODCr <8000 <500 7536 298 mg/L
2 BOD5 <5000 mg/L
3 NH4-N <500 <80 228 8 mg/L
4 NOX-N <100 mg/L
5 TN <650 <100 618 24 mg/L
6 pH 6~9 6~9 8.5 7.8
7 Water Temperature <30℃
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