The wastewater of Zhejiang Wondray Textile

The wastewater of Zhejiang Wondray Textile Printing and Dyeing Co.,Ltd contains dyestuff, finishing agents, additives, oil agents, acids, fibers, sands, inorganic salts, etc. After air flotation, hydrolysis acidification and biological aerobic treatment, most suspended solids, ammonia nitrogen, volatile phenol and sulfide can be removed. However, the effluent still does not meet the company reuse requirements of printing and dyeing wastewater. According to the company current situation, it is proposed to reuse the wastewater after biochemical treatment. BIOPOLY process is used for advanced treatment, and the treated water quality meets the reuse requirements.

Operating data are as follows:

No. Index Influent Requirement Effluent Requirement Operating Data

Average Data in June

Influent Effluent
1 Influent Amount <5000 3056 t/d
2 CODCr <120 <80 118 73 mg/L
2 BOD5 <5000     mg/L
3 NH4+-N <15 <5 9 0 mg/L
4 NO3-N <5     mg/L
5 TN <25 <20 21 5 mg/L
6 Color Yield 40 <20 60 15 time
7 SS <20 <5 27 2 NTU
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