Products Best solution for aeration system, blower system, preparation and dosing system, disinfection system, sludge dewatering system, advanced treatment and reuse system of wastewater.

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Polychem Chain & Flight Scraper Systems

Polychem chain & flight scraper systems has been used to replace the traditional heavy and corrosive metal chain since the 1970s. The non-metallic components produced by Brentwood are durable, strong and light, and can endure harsh and corrosive environments for a long time.

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Liftable Aeration Systems

Liftable aeration system has three models including integral lifting (also known as frame lifting), suspension chain lifting and convenient lifting.

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SUEZ Ultrafiltration / Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Compared with the traditional water treatment system, ZeeWeed * ultrafiltration membrane has the advantages of excellent effluent quality, smaller footprint, lower energy consumption, stronger and more credible membrane, rapid renovation, expansion, and simple operation and management.

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Hanwha Air Suspension Blower

HB series is a high efficiency and environmentally friendly variable frequency blower with air suspension bearing. The original machine imported, producing 100 % oil-free compressed air. It is very energy-saving, stable and reliable operation, low noise.

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AIRE-O2 Triton® 2.0

New innovations in mechanical designs allow the Aire-O2 Triton® 2.0 (patents pending) to provide better aeration efficiency, mixing capacity, and power consumption savings

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In wastewater treatment plants, one of the most common processes is the activated sludge method, which biologically treats the wastewater through the use of large aeration basins.

Technology Bringing system solutions with higher efficiency, lower operation cost and easier operation and maintenance for water treatment industry

Research and Development Focusing on biological engineering and technology to remove pollutants in water and providing customers with professional solutions.

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